Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Illness and school..

Hey guys.havent posted in a atm sucks.on Friday we'll have to write a German exam..thee hours!it's cruel lol.but alright.I'll do what's necessary to get a good grade lol..right now i have a weird flu kreeping through me so i stayed at home today..oh btw..on Nov 14th I'll get to see Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz in Munich!!i got tickets for this huge event and i am so freaking excited!haha:) and now I'll go and watch Tv.see ya soon!xD

Thursday, September 17, 2009

its all about guys

I figured something out...
Guys between 18 and 27 are the hottest guys.
xDD.. i feel a bit stupid now..
I mean..
I have something for guys who are in the age above and I'm just too young for them.
What the fuck?!?!
Sure there are a couple of guys with 17 or 18 but.. they just dont know how to dress up right too look "hot" or how to act without being still immature.. -.-

can anyone explain me why life is so unfair? xDD.. hahaha

see ya soon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


and it was really funny!
we got some of the new teachers, young and so on..xD
and they're nice so far.
I was voted to the speaker of my class.. actually I'm second one but.. I doubt the first one will do anything so.. yea.. whatever xD
I got tuesday and thursday afternoon classes.. =/
but the rest is only until 1.10 pm my time so its alright i guess xD

My bff still didnt send me my storybook and slowly I'm seriously pissed about that cause I want to go on with writing but cant exactely remember what the last thing was I was writing. ARGH! D:


oh I also went to get my hair cut and now I have a fringe :D
it looks cool and everyone around me says it does so.. :D :D
haha =)

For now.. I'm gonna lie down, cause i'm so damn tired..
I'll post tomorrow again or so xD

xoxo <3

Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm so looking forward to it.
NEW MOON!!!!!!! <33 ;D

I'm planning on flying over to a place in Great Britain to a friend of whom I'm not sure by now who he or she will be to go and see the movie in a cinema. xD
Cause here in Germany the only chance to watch it would be online about a week or more after the release.
the other chance (watching it in germany, german and in a cinema) is outta question since I'd have to wait until January then.. xDD

I'm gonna get my hair cut soon I hope.. I need a new fringe.. xD..
I'll post pics then maybe :D
Probably tomorrow ..or today since its already 2 am I'll ask my dad if i can go to the hair cutter and so on hahaha

Tuesday school starts again!!!
woooo I cant wait!!!!! finally all my friends are together again <3

Until the next post.. I love you =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay now.
I never thought I could be addicted with a vampire-tv-show but. oh jesus. Trueblood rocks.
I mean. wooooow..
Going to watch Episode 8 now :D :D

Eric and Bill rock ;D Eric more since he's kinda that bad guy ;D <3 :D

Life apart from that?..
mh... I was ill since I came back from Rosenheim and had a bad headache for 3 days straight. It was just more than cruel...!!!
Today my BFF is gonna come round to bring me my storybook and then I can finally go on with typing off my story (Thank god!!)

Apart from that.. uhhm.. School will start on tuesday and I really cant wait.
Holidays are soooo boring here!! So.. yea

See ya soon <3

Monday, September 7, 2009

after a while....

here's my next post haha ;D
soo.. I was in Rosenheim on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I went to the "Wiesn" a lot :)
It was damn cold but so much fun!!!!
srsly :D :D

Too bad I couldnt go on with writing my story in that time.
And stupid me also left the storybook behind D: ..
But Sarah will bring it back to me on Thursday.. -thank god-... otherwise I'd go crazy I think ;D

One more week left until school starts again and I just cant wait for it.
I miss all my guys and all the teachers xD... I was so bored sometimes in the last six weeks.... It was horrible ;D
I'll be a "sophomore" in american schools I guess..
Means, I'm in year 10 now ;D.. But in our German school system I'm in the upper classes now since I only have 12 years of school until I'm finished with all that and then can go to a university and study there. But I probably wont do that hahaha xD.. I'm way too lazy..
Actually I was planning on leaving the school after this year (after class 10) and go to America to finish High School over there but.. yea.. the person I would've lived with... well..
I dont want to talk about him.. ^^
So.. in the end I'll probably finish the 12 years and do my Abitur... A-Levels are they called in GB I think..^^

So.... what else.. hmm...
Oh yea.. I'm going to look for a job so I can re-do my room.. get a new bed, color for my walls, desk and stuff. I'm totally bored with what it is now.. xD..
Let's see if I get a job ;D hahaha

Hm....Oh yea.. I wanted to post the preface to my story on here.. :D :D
So.. Here it is =) xD

Teenage Vampire Guardian
By Sophie Gro├če


Until my seventeenth birthday I thought I was a pretty normal teenager with divorced parents, my dad unknown. Apparently my mom and dad got married in the age of nineteen in Las Vegas, lived happily together for two years and then my mom got pregnant with me.
Because of a secret job, no one in my family knew of, my dad and mom got divorced. He thought he couldn’t deal with a child.
Well, my mom did quite a good job with dealing with me alone, probably because she and I are almost the same. I don’t quite look like her cause I got a lot of things from my dad. His dark and thick hair, his nose and some of his length.
I got the prettiness from my mom though, just like her genes for really female curves.
I’m about 5.5 ft tall, I have dark brown eyes, long brown hair and like I already mentioned, really female curves.
People usually say I have a really pretty face.. So I guess, all in all, I look really good.
I’m not one of the thinnest people walking the earth though.
After my boyfriend left me, I gained weight. Too much to still call me “average”.
But I’m actually losing weight in the last couple of months because of the things I’m doing.

My name is Sophie Martinetz, I’m seventeen years old and since my birthday, my life isn’t normal at all anymore.
This is my story, beginning with my seventeenth birthday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fave Music for now xD

3Oh!3 and The Veronicas. Srsly those two bands are just awesome!! :D
3Oh!3 completely got me into them xD.. Starstrukk ft Katy Perry is just awesome!! xD..
and The Veronicas Everything I'm not is my fave song to sing atm. Singing it all the time ;D
Oh well..

Yesterday stupid and clumpsy me tripped and my knees started bleeding and I have bruises everywhere hahaha xD.. really stupid xD.. ;D

I already have 73 pages of my story.
and later I'll start to type it on the computer.. cause slowly my right arm is hurting so much from writing on paper xD.. in the story I just had the first "Guardian Training" and it was awesome ;D

Work yesterday sucked.. Only got 35 € for 5 hours xD.. that srsly sucked. I already got more money for less hours xD.. But oh well.. all together I have 70€ now and I'll raise some more for the "Wiesn" in Rosenheim next week :D
Cant wait to see all the girls and people again =)..
But first I'll go to our own little "Wiesn" here in town.. Looking forward to the fireworks thingy on thursday (: (:

and now.. I'll go out and meet some friends :D its a really nice day and..yea ;D
Maybe I'll go shopping with them hahaha xDD

See ya later <3